Live Video Chat About Parker’s NYC on March 29

Live Video Chat is Thursday, March 29, 6 p.m. Eastern Time (3 p.m. Pacific)
The Dorothy Parker Society is pleased to announce that it has been picked to be the first literary society to have a live book talk on Shindig, a new customized video chat space for live events. We will be connected globally via webcam online, and can interact and participate in a live talk about Dorothy Parker’s New York. You can socialize with other participants, or watch and listen. The event will be Thursday, March 29, at 6:00 pm Eastern Time (other time zones converted below).

Here’s how it works. About 15 minutes before it starts go to this link and log in. You should test your microphone and camera at this time. Then when the event starts we can get underway. We will have an interactive talk about New York City and the places Dorothy Parker lived and worked, followed by a question and answer session. The talk is sponsored by Shindig Events and Roaring Forties Press, publisher of A Journey into Dorothy Parker’s New York.

The way to make this interesting and fun is to have A LOT of people in attendance. So please invite as many of your friends as you like to join us! Spread the word on Facebook and Twitter to as many people as you can.

The time zones around the world will be:
GMT: 10:00 pm
Los Angeles: 3:00 pm
Chicago: 5:00 pm
Cairo: 12:00 midnight
Johannesburg 12:00 midnight
Buenos Aires 7:00 pm
Seoul 7:00 am (Friday)
Hawaii 12:00 noon
Juneau 2:00 pm
Sydney 9:00 am (Friday)
Tokyo 7:00 am (Friday)
London 11:00 pm
Paris 12:00 midnight
Moscow 2:00 am (Friday)
Taipei 6:00 am (Friday)
Calcutta 3:30 am (Friday)
(I just picked random cities where we have gotten email from over the last few years)

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