Jenny Award Winners for Dorothy Parker Video

We have a winner and first and second runners-up in our video contest, to ask Dorothy Parker fans to create their own YouTube videos of their favorite Parker pieces. The Jennifer Award (nickname: The Jenny) goes to the video that got the most views between August 1 and Oct. 31, 2011.

The top three vote getters:
1. Jason Stoneking “August” [Watch] — 166

2. Frederic Bohle (German) “The Last Tea” [Watch] — 110

3. Aggressive Whimsy “General Review of the Sex Situation” [Watch] — 98

Congratulations to the winners. Please contact me to collect your prizes. And to everyone who participated and made videos of Dorothy Parker work, thank you. Hopefully more Parker fans will continue to create original videos based on her material, in many languages. Have fun doing it.

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