Nov. 3 Talk at New York Public Library

A Journey into Dorothy Parker's New York
A Journey into Dorothy Parker's New York
I’ve spoken at a lot of libraries, but never at the New York Public Library. Please join me for a special event, my talk “A Journey into Dorothy Parker’s New York” as part of the NYPL at Nite series. The details:

New York Public Library
Mid-Manhattan Library
40th Street and Fifth Avenue
6th Floor
Thursday, Nov. 3, 6:30 p.m.
Elevator access to the 6th Floor is available at 6 p.m.

About the program: Take a journey into the city of theaters, bars, and hotel rooms where Dorothy Parker sharpened her wit, polished her writing, and captured the edgy mood of her times. This eye-opening illustrated lecture explores Mrs. Parker’s favorite salons and saloons as well as her homes and offices (most of them still intact); charts her colorful career and intense private life; and recounts her political activism, theatrical exploits, and final years. Rare pictures and archival items help show Mrs. Parker’s world and Manhattan from 1893 to today.

More information on Mid-Manhattan Library and follow them on Twitter @midmanhattanlib and @nyplatnite

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