Ghosts on West 44th Street?

I’ve been leading walking tours that start and end in the Algonquin Hotel for about 13 years. Many people have asked me if the hotel is haunted, or if Dorothy Parker’s ghost is ever spotted roaming the hallways. I have to say, I don’t think it is possessed, but there have been several people who have passed away there over the last 109 years.

So I was happy to learn today that an actual psychic medium paid a visit to the Round Table Room and felt something, and not the sting from his bill for a double martini. A.J. Barrera is on the NBCUniversal Direct series “From Beyond” and he went to the Algonquin. He got a vibe.

It’s great timing with Halloween coming up, so watch the video. The new series starts this weekend, but I don’t know if the Round Table will be on it. And if you ask me, who was the scariest member of the Vicious Circle? Hands-down, Alexander Woollcott.

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