Bobbed Hair Making a Comeback in New Show

Katlyn Carlson (Celia Cooney)
Katlyn Carlson plays Celia Cooney
We got a message from DPS officer Jennifer Wren about a new show she’s in that sounds like it is a great time. She writes:

I’m in an amazing bio-mythographical 1920’s crime fantasia that I thought your peeps might enjoy. It’s called The Bobbed Haired Bandit and it’s based on the true story of Celia and Ed Cooney! It’s so hawt that Celia’s surviving relatives are coming to the show!


The Bobbed-Haired Bandit
Writer: Book and Lyrics by Anna Marquardt, Music by Britt Bonney
Director: Deborah Wolfson
1h 40m

Bleecker Theatre
45 Bleecker Street (at Lafayette Street)
One block North of Houston Street and One block East of Broadway
Sat 8/13 @ 6:30
Tue 8/16 @ 9:30
Sat 8/20 @ 9:30
Tue 8/23 @ 3:45
Sat 8/27 @ 5:15

Synopsis: Celia Cooney, a working-class bride of 20 living in 1920s Brooklyn, and her husband, Ed are expecting a baby, and worried about how they’ll raise her. Celia suggests that if they just had some more money, they could make ends meet. Then they come up with a plan: they’ll rob a store! Not a big robbery, just a little one. And JUST ONE. They get home, giddy with excitement as they realize they’ve made it out with $600. Celia and Ed think their plan has worked. But it turns out that their new lifestyle is more than they can handle. As Celia and Ed fall deeper and deeper into a spiral of crime and the papers create an image of Celia that even she could not have imagined, the duo starts to wonder if they can ever get out.

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