New Interview With Marion Meade

There is a new interview I have conducted with author Marion Meade. You can read it here on Small Spiral Notebook. Want to know more about biographies? Meade says,

There are biographies that I hate. These are the ones where the writer is in love with the subject. It used to be called a puff job; well there are still biographies that are puff jobs. Where the writer doesn’t delve deeply enough in order to really find out who that person is. They start with an infatuation and they never get past that. These are biographies that are usually unsatisfying (laughs). For a biography to be worthwhile it has to dig up everything it can. Once you start digging into a person’s life, any person, no matter who they are or how wonderful they seem to be, you are going to find so much garbage. You’re going to be drowning in it. A lot of biographers, even experienced biographers, will think, “I thought this person was nice. They are really horrible!”

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