Bucks County Photos Now Online

[dorothy parker house]The walking tour we had on July 22 at Mrs. Parker’s house in Bucks County was one of the greatest events we’ve had in the eight years the Dorothy Parker Society has been around. We had all the ingredients for a perfect day:

– The location. It was the first time we all went inside a former home of Mrs. Parker’s (not counting the Gonk).

– The setting. Ever been to Bucks County, PA? It is BEAUTIFUL. Now you know why Dottie and so many thousands of others love the place. And it’s only 70 miles from Times Square!

– The people. OK, this should be first. There were 42 people that showed up, and all were fantastic. Some drove 100+ miles to be there, some walked down the (private) road.

So here are 40 photos from the day. I hope that whomever purchases the house lets us back in for another tour. Maybe we could do one every other year? Who knows?

What a great day it was.

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