New Officers Announced

At our June 7 party, we had some new blood come into the Parker Society. New "officers" were named at our cocktail party at the Algonquin Hotel.

Officers for 2005-2006:
Kevin Fitzpatrick, President
Melissa Evantash, Vice President
Kristin McMahon, West Coast President
Kara Bernatowicz, Secretary
Chrissie Fitzpatrick, Treasurer
Laurie Kahn, Nyack Chapter President
David Cowen, Connecticut Chapter President
Tom Grant, VP Mormon Relations
Jayne Paris, VP Patron of the Arts
Charlotte Phillips, Secretary of Poetry
Jessica Reed, VP of Bookish Matters
Mordechai Shinefield, VP of Parkeresque Writing
Karen Sharkey, Resident Muse
Betsy Spigelman, VP of Small Misfortunes
Anna Springer, EVP
Nora Watson, EVP of Debt
Barbara Weider, Utah Chapter President

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