Events March & April

A lot of events are scheduled for the next 2 months! There is an Algonquin Round Table Walking Tour on Sunday, March 13 (Noon). The next week, on Tuesday, March 22, Adam Gopnik is doing a talk at the Small Press Center (6:00). After this veteran New Yorker writer’s talk, we’ll be at the Algonquin for cocktails (7:30).

Speaking of the Gonk, we have some special plans.  On Saturday, April 16,  The F. Scott Fitzgerald Society is having a dinner there to end their annual conference. So I am proposing a cocktail party immediately afterward (7:00 p.m.) with them and the Robert Benchley Society.

It would be terrific if we got a good turnout of folks from the DPSNY to represent us all. The drinks will be in the lobby. I’ve invited the Benchley folks, who have come to NYC in the past and are wonderful, and soooo funny.

This would be the first time that the 3 societies of the 3 great friends ever met up in one place. Be a part of "literary history" on April 16.

On April 17, there will be another walking tour, but it will have added locations for Scott & Zelda Fitzgerald.

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