How Funny Are You?

Dorothy Parker’s best friend was Robert Benchley. Like Mrs. Parker, Mr. Benchley has a society that keeps his memory alive. And they are working with a humor publication to find someone funny enough to stand up to him. From their press release:

The Robert Benchley Society and Espree Magazine announce a contest for humor writers.

Robert Benchley has been the "humorous muse" for many of this nation’s greatest humor writers. His writings and film shorts are classics that even today retain their engaging, "everyman" humorous appeal.

As Benchley himself has written: "In order to laugh at something, it is
necessary (1) to know what you are laughing at, (2) to know why you are laughing, (3) to ask some people why they think you are laughing, (4) to jot down a few notes, (5) to laugh. Even then, the thing may not be cleared up for days."

Up for the challenge? Espree magazine invites writers to submit a 350-word humorous essay in the style of Robert Benchley. Entries will be judged by the Robert Benchley Society during our March meeting. The winning entry will be printed in an upcoming issue of Espree and the winner will receive a hand-signed original caricature of Robert Benchley.

Contest rules and details for submissions be found the Robert Benchley Society website.

If you think you have what it takes, give it a shot.

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