Painter Natalie Ascencios in LA

Natalie Ascencios
Natalie Ascencios, our favorite painter in the whole world since she did the beautiful Round Table painting that hangs in the Algonquin Hotel, is having a gallery show. If you live around Los Angeles, maybe you can attend the opening, which is Thursday, Oct. 7, at 7 pm. The show runs for three weeks and Natalie has 18 works in the show (but not the Vicious Circle, which we just saw Sunday at the Gonk — its still there).

She is an amazing painter who is often in the New Yorker. Natalie also dropped by Parkerfest 2003. Juliette Borda will also have her works on display.


(310) 358-2500
116 N Robertson Blvd
Plaza Level A
Los Angeles, CA 90048

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