Parker Show for Charity

There is a show in New York that is a charity fundraiser, and Mrs. Parker’s works will be a part of it. Monday, April 12, 9 pm (still tickets available), West Bank Cafe, 407 W. 42nd Street. Tel: 212-868-4444 or Tickets are $50.

“Wit and Wisdom an Evening with Dorothy Parker and Friends” is directed by Ted Sluberski. It stars Stephanie Garry, Patsy Denk Powers, Joyce Reehling and Tory Wood. We asked for some information, and this is what we got back from Stephanie Garry:

The four of us have joined forces with Ted Sluberski to do the very first benefit to raise money for the Lynne Thigpen/Bobo Lewis Foundation. This foundation will be fostering mentors for young actors looking to begin their careers in NY theatre. Both Lynne and Bobo epotomized this approach to friendship and to show business.

Bobo Lewis is known to many as Midge Smoot from Shining Time Station, but her credits go back to the Ben Bagley review days, she won the Drama Desk Award in 1978 for her role in Working adapted from Stud’s Terkel’s book (which is when she met Lynne, also in the show), she appeared in many B’way shows and was a company member of Circle Repertory for many years. Her film work included: It’s A Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World, The Paper, One True Thing…she was a frequent guest on TV shows That Girl, Bewitched and others…in short she did it all.

She met Lynne in Working and became fast friends, taking her under wing…as Lynne would later do for others…and taught her all about NYC.

Lynne, who died suddenly last year, was one of the stars of The District, having guested on nearly every show on TV, winning a Tony Award for her role in Wendy Wasserstien’s An American Daughter and was a two time Obie winner. Lynne was a terrific singer and actress whose reviews always shone whether it was Tin Types or Where in The World is Carmen Sandiego. Lynne’s strength of character was the back bone of every role she played.

These two women were great friends and had many, many great friends. The four of us loved them and miss them and wish to honor them by raising money for the Foundation which carries their name and carries on the type of real help that was the hallmark of both of these rare and powerful women.

Dororthy Parkers wit and wisdom will make this evening a delight for all. The show is 50 minutes in length- 2 performances tho I understand the 7 PM is sold out. Please circulate to your subscribers for this wonderful/worthwhile purposeful benefit.

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