Robert Benchley

Benchley Films Unspooling in Beantown

We hear the Robert Benchley Society is at it again with their first event of the new year. Society President David Trumbull writes:


You are invited to an EVENING of Robert BENCHLEY’S Hollywood SHORT SUBJECTS.

WHO: Mr. Chris Morgan of the “We’ve Come for the Davenport” (Boston) chapter of the Robert Benchley Society invites you to join him for a viewing of Robert Benchley short subjects.

WHAT: An evening of watching Benchley motion pictures and drinks/food/conversation with Benchley fans.

WHEN: Saturday, January 17th, 2004, beginning at 7:00 p.m.

WHERE: Chris Morgan’s place in Boston’s South End

DETAILS: Bring a bottle and/or dessert to share; we’ll order pizza or other food when we get there. For details and to save a space (this event is in a private home and we need a head cound) respond to David or call David on mobile number (617) ATLantic 6004.

MORE DETAILS: Chris has a FABULOUS collection of Benchley movies, including “out of print” selections on Laserdisc and a LARGE screen projection system for viewing. And he has order more titles specially for this event. You’ll also get to see Chris’s fine collection of Benchley BOOKS, including some RARE EDITIONS seldom seen.

Sounds like a good evening!

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