Hooray for Hollywood

Kristin McMahon is going to head things up for us all in Tinseltown.

The Dorothy Parker Society of New York is pleased to announce it has found a West Coast President. Kristin McMahon, a resident of Los Angeles and recently in New York for pleasure, had lunch with us at the Algonquin Hotel. Over a Caesar salad at the Round Table, we discussed Mrs. Parker’s longtime residency in Los Angeles, and the need to establish a branch in Hollywood. We also played Five Questions, ala Craig Kilborn (also an LA member of the DPSNY).

Q: Gin or Vodka?

A: Two great tastes that taste great together. Yes, please!

Q: Poems or Short Stories?

A: Poems to write, stories to read. Others, not my own that is. Can’t write stories. Once I took someone’s advice and wrote the way I talked, right? I was appalled after I read it all. No one ever told me I babbled on so much, it was terrible! Then I realized I was reading John Stuart Mill.

Q: New York or LA?

A: NY! Christ, didja need to ask?

Q: Shaken or Stirred?

A: I’ve never found myself stirred. Not physically, not yet at least. My emotions do not know the meaning of “stir”. They do, however, know the meaning of “blind takeover of reason”. They know that one quite well.

Q: Hotel or Motel?

A: All depends if he’s cheap or not, poor bastard.

Thanks, Kristin!

Tentative plans call for a gathering in 2002 somewhere in Los Angeles. Keep checking the News Item page for updates. Neil Simon said, “There are two million interesting people in New York and only 78 in Los Angeles.” Who are the other 77?

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