Parker on Radio

Do you remember that catchy tune from 1995, “I Kissed A Girl” recorded by Jill Sobule? It was kind of a modest hit, and propelled by its bisexual elements. I actually met her in 1994 or ’95 when I was a producer at FX, the FOX cable station (when it used to have a music show). Anyway, Sobule has a new record out now, called Pink Pearl, and there is a very cool song on it with a Dorothy Parker reference called “Heroes”. The lyrics, some of them, go like this:

Why are all our heroes so imperfect.
Why do they always bring me down.
Why are all our heroes so imperfect.
The statue in the park has lost his crown.
William Faulkner drunk and depressed
Dorothy Parker mean drunk and depressed

It gets better too; some of the other notable dead people in the song are FDR, John Lennon, Picasso and T.S. Eliot. To find out more about Jill Sobule, see her web site, it is excellent (and you can hear the song on the site too). Call your local DJ and request “Heroes” by Jill Sobule today.

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