I’m Waiting for the Man

All hail Lou Reed and his rock ‘n’ roll heart! Lou is our favorite rocker, and now we find out that the former English major and new Rock and Roll Hall of Famer is a Parker fan too.

This item was in today’s New York Post, our favorite tabloid: “The steady decline in literacy is alarming even to Lou Reed. When the rocker mentioned that one of the portraits in Timothy Greenfield-Sanders’ “Art World” exhibit resembled Dorothy Parker, a fellow attendee at the Mary Boone Gallery asked who he was talking about. “What’s wrong with you?” Reed said. “Don’t you people read anymore? How could you not have heard of Dorothy Parker?” … WOW. We love Page Six for Gossip! For the guy who penned “Heroin”, “Sweet Jane” and “Perfect Day” — among so many other gems — that is very cool. We suggest you go out and buy Lou’s masterpiece “New York” today. Parker and Reed, a classic New York couple.

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