List Lovers

We got a wonderful message to the Web site this week from Melanie Rigney, editor of Writer’s Digest magazine. It looks like another Millenium list is coming out, and Dorothy Parker is on it. Hopefully, she cracked the Top Ten! Ms. Rigney writes: “Writer’s Digest in its November issue will list the 100 Best Writers of the 20th Century as determined by our readers, staff and editorial advisory. Nominees were rated on their influence on the writing world; the quality of their work; and the degree to which their writing exhibits originality or experimentation. Dorothy Parker is among the writers on the list. At our Web site (, we plan to run the names of the 100 Best writers along with links to sites about the writers. We plan to include your site in the list about Dorothy Parker. The November issue will be shipped to subscribers Sept. 27 and will be on sale at newsstands Oct. 19. We anticipate the Web site links will be available in very late September or early October.”


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