Dash and Lilly Review

It has taken a few days for Dash and Lilly to sink in. Many Parker fans have e-mailed their opinions of the movie to the site. While this isn’t a review of the movie, which was eagerly anticipated because Bebe Neuwirth was playing Dottie, I wanted to list a couple of points:

  • Bebe was wasted. She had about 10 minutes of screen time.
  • The screenplay gave her nothing to do except play the part of the good girlfriend.
  • Parker was portrayed as chirping goody-goody.
  • It was well documented that Dash and Dottie loathed each other (read the Meade bio).
  • Bebe looked great as Parker. Excellent wardrobe.
  • Historically inaccurate Part I: Dash says Parker reviewed “three of his books in the New Yorker” in a 1930 scene. The New Yorker wasn’t launched until 1925; Parker didn’t become the Constant Reader until October 1927.
  • Historically inaccurate Part II: In the 1952 scene, did Dottie look 59 years old? I don’t think so.

    I enjoyed watching the movie, but I can’t recommend it. I say rent The Thin Man instead, and hope that Bebe brings Parker to the screen again in a bigger role.

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