Mink Coat

Dorothy Parker’s Mink Coat

Dorothy Parker, considered one of America’s greatest writers and renowned for her wit, adored the finer things in life. She…


Hemingway and Parker Lost Book Review

In 1940 Ernest Hemingway and Dorothy Parker had known each other socially for perhaps fifteen years. The two writers had…

Snowbound Train

Lost Dorothy Parker Christmas Story

In December 1916, one hundred years ago, Dorothy Parker was 23 and on the staff of Vogue. She would not…

Life Together

French Filmmaker Adapts Dorothy Parker Story

We are pleased to present an interview with French filmmaker Bruno François-Boucher. He is the producer/director of an independent feature…

Algonquin Hotel

Summer Weekly Walking Tours

To answer the demand for walking tours, they are going to be held weekly in July and August this summer….