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There are many terrific Dorothy Parker Web sites maintained by great people. Check these out. If you know of other Parker sites, or any of these drop dead, please send me the news.

If you want a Parker banner for your own links page, look here.

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  • Mrs. Parker's Friends & Associates
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  • Amazing New York Sites
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    Dorothy Parker Sites
    The official site for the Vicious Circle. It is the place for lots of history and trivia. If you love the Round Table, this is the site for you!

    Dorothy Parker Society Constant Reader Book Club
    Our Goodreads group. From the Jazz Age to the Jet Age, we love stories about romance, cocktails, speakeasies, hot jazz, and nightlife. We read fiction & non-fiction, as long as it makes us laugh and think.

    Modern American Poetry: Dorothy Parker
    Prepared and Compiled by Rhonda Pettit, a professor at the University of Cincinatti, who wrote A Gendered Collision: Sentimentalism and Modernism in Dorothy Parker's Poetry and Fiction (available here). Sample Parker poems, critics, comments, reviews and analysis. A good place to start if you are writing a Parker term paper. Professor Pettit does a great job of presenting Mrs. Parker.

    Dorothy Parker was 50 years old when George Platt Lynes took this portrait in 1943. The Round Table had been disbanded for more than a dozen years, her husband was away in the Army, and Dottie was living in Hollywood.

    The Algonquin Hotel
    This is the place to stay in New York. Be sure to visit the Round Table Room and see the painting of the Vicious Circle by Natalie Ascencios.

    Arrangement In Black And White, read by Tyne Daily
    Listen to the classic Parker story about racism and prejudice, read by the veteran actress Tyne Daily. This story is featured on the compilation Wonderful Town - New York Stories from The New Yorker (Random House Audio). Hey, download the MP3!

    Round Table Caricatures
    Not to be missed! The National Portrait Gallery (in the Smithsonian Institution) has a page of Round Table folk, part of the Celebrity Caricature in America collection. Wonderful artwork. Nice Parker drawing by Peggy Bacon.

    Dorothy Parker Filmography
    Internet Movie Database List of her many screenwriting credits (Oscar-nominated A Star is Born), as well as movies about her.

    Mrs. Parker's Friends & Associates

    The Robert Benchley Society
    Mrs. Parker's best friend finally gets the web site he deserves. The Robert Benchley Society is located in Boston, and it is working to spread the word about one of America's greatest humorists.

    International F. Scott Fitzgerald Society
    Mrs. Parker was a pal of Scott and Zelda, and knocked back more than a few cocktails with the author of The Great Gatsby and Tender is the Night. The official society has bi-annual meetings around the globe in places where Scott lived and worked.

    Ring Lardner: Lardnermania
    Ring Lardner was a visitor to the Round Table gatherings, but not really a member. Mrs. Parker and her friends often attended parties at his large home on Long Island. Lardner, a skilled Saturday Evening Post writer, was one of the few 1920s contemporaries of Mrs. Parker who is still studied today, along with Fitzgerald and Hemingway.

    George S. Kaufman
    Official site of the estate of Mrs. Parker's friend, the amazing playwright George S. Kaufman. A site produced by Laurence Maslon, who edited Kaufman's collection of plays.

    Heywood Broun
    A great site about Mrs. Parker's friend and fellow liberal, Round Table member Heywood Broun. Includes samples of Broun's writing.
    A terrific site with a good community element feature on all things related Ernest Heminway, Mrs. Parker's sometimes-friend.

    Call Me Tallulah, Darling!
    The connection between Tallulah Bankhead and Dorothy Parker is celebrated in this site by our pal Tony Grillo. Great designs here. Lots of photos.

    Writing Related

    Emdashes, The New Yorker Between the Lines
    Obsessed with The New Yorker? So is Brooklyn girl Emily Gordon. See her blog Em Dashes for all things related to the magazine, present and past.

    The Academy of American Poets
    Every kind of resource needed for students and teachers of poetry. A bio of Mrs. Parker and her friend is included here.

    Constant Reader
    Here is a great site for booklovers, dedicated to our favorite book reviewer of all time. Nice page design and great content. Worth visiting frequently.

    Quarterly literary journal, fiction, interviews with writers and agents.

    Someone sent me this photo of Dorothy Parker, it is undated. She has little aviator wings on her dress, maybe because her husband was in the Army Air Corps?

    Music & Art Related
    Baltimore, MD, singer-songwriter Niki Lee bought the rights from the NAACP to produce a Dorothy Parker show set to her own music. here lies dorothy parker is words and song, she wrote Mrs. Parker's diary and constructed a story as to how it's come into her possession. The site has samples of her music and photos.

    Natalie Ascencios
    New Yorker artist Natalie Ascencios created the gorgeous painting of the Round Table that hangs in the Algonquin Hotel. Visit her portfolio site.

    Liza Donnelly
    The site run by Liza Donnelly, a longtime New Yorker cartoonist, and a very big Parker fan. You will recognize her work right away.

    Amazing New York Sites

    The Great Gatsby Boat Tour
    Mrs. Parker and her pals spent a lot of time on Long Island's fabled "Gold Coast" -- where Fitzgerald set The Great Gatsby. Now, see the locations via a boat tour of beautiful Manhasset Bay, led by DPS member Eleanor Cox. A summer day on the water? Talking about literary history? What could be more pleasant that that?

    Forgotten New York
    Kevin Walsh runs this incredible site, with tons of historical and modern photos, stories, and trivia about the city. What a trip, and an excellent site.

    Other Related Sites

    National Association for the Advancement of Colored People
    If you didn't know it, Dorothy Parker (with no heirs) left everything to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. when she died in 1967. He of course was assassinated the following year. Her literary rights were then transferred to the NAACP, which now owns her copyrights. Parker's ashes were placed in a memorial at the NAACP headquarters in Baltimore in 1988.

    The Garden of Allah
    Michael F. Hoover, who owns a digital effects company in Hollywood, has compiled an amazing history of the Garden of Allah, the long-lost hotel & villas where Mrs. Parker and her pals often stayed while in LA. Hats off to Mr. Hoover, who keeps alive a part of literary history that today is only a strip mall.

    The Art Deco Home
    Mark Golding runs this site out of the U.K. and its all about the amazing Art Deco period. Want to turn your apartment into an Art Deco palace? See Mark's site!

    Dearly Departed Tours
    Our friend Scott Michaels runs these tours of Los Angeles, for those that love dead celebrities, gossip columns, and the seedy side of fame. A must for all visitors to LA.

    Girls With Glasses
    I am telling you right upfront that this is a fetish site. But since Dottie did pen "News Item" about the subject, this link is offered to those who admire women wearing glasses. A message from "F.R" to us says, "Being a male who admires women in glasses, I just wonder what she'd think about today's web sites that help cater to men like me?" So do we... a fun site. [Girls With Glasses]

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